Best Web Hosting for WordPress Website


Hi, iam Arun, working in a software company. Now am handling a Wordpress website. That’s an e commerce type. Iam little confused about choosing a web hosting service for WordPress website. Could anyone suggest which is the best one? I need some opinions


Heu Arun!

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If you don’t have a credit card for purchasing webs hosting, then I recommend Bluehost India. So, that you can pay using Indian Payment Methods.

But, If you have a credit card, then go with SiteGround.



Hi Arun, you can also go through with “Miles web” I think the “value plan” will be enough for you. Iam a satisfied person and customer support is also good


Hi Arun, Follow Akhil’s post. My suggestion also Bluehost. Which is very popular and they are providing fantastic offers at affordable rates