How can I boost my website from 2nd page to 1st page?


Let me know how to boost a website from 2nd page to 1st page? Still, iam trying but didn’t get the result :frowning_face:. I want some suggestions.


Hi, Gopika

Ranking in the second page is not a bad thing. You can easily catch up on the first page. Maybe something you have missed or need to be more concentrated on that. In backlinko website, Brian Dean already explained well about the Google’s ranking factors. Check this to know more :

Concentrate on these points :

**Analyze your competitor’s website, how they have used keywords, Backlinks and other SEO related things. Then Do what you have missed. To get a brief idea you can use SEO Audit tools for a quick analysis. So you can get a full report of a website. Audit tool shows what are the weak points in a website.

** The site should have SSL certificate. Nowadays SSL is a ranking factor. Check this link :

**Concentrate more on which URL on the second page and do more work on that. Earn more traffic through social media. Do Facebook ads.

**Don’t use too broad keywords. Concentrate on long tail keywords still is a valid strategy.
For more details check this article:

** Use keywords in URL that makes a strong bond. This is a good activity for better ranking.

**Maximize your click-through rate. I mean give an eye-catchy title and meta description. The user should have to click on your web page. Through this, you can get more potential customers.
Neil Patel explained very well about the CTR on his website just read this also

**Google loves when LSI keywords sprinkle in the website.

**Do proper internal linking. Which has a great importance in Google.

**Concentrate on different types of keyword combinations. Don’t focus only on a single keyword.


Very useful for me. Thanks @Kiran :v:



Do an in-depth analysis of your competitors, and try to do what they are missing. If you have budget, they earn links from their articles. This will give a good movement in your SERP



@CharlesHoward @Smitha-Sadashivan For competitive analysis, I will recommend to use “similar web”. It will do an in-depth analysis of your competitor’s website after that you can get an idea to take further plans to improve. Now it’s available as a chrome extension. For a quick view, you can use this.