How Important are keywords in a domain name for SEO


How valuable is it a keyword in the domain name? Should I optimize for the main keyword?


Adding keywords in the domain name is an advantage for ranking. But it will not fully work. For better ranking always need to focus on content. Am not completely avoiding. But it’s a good sign adding a keyword in the domain.


Yes you are right @Kiran,

Hello @Smriti!

Adding keywords to the domain is an old school technique to rank better for that keyword. Those type of domain names are called Exact Match Domains (EMD).

For example,

Here we can see, the primary target of the domain owner is to focus on the keyword, How to do SEO. Unfortunately, this technique was working years ago. Now Google became very smart and you will never rank for that keyword for the only sake of domain name.

Look at this website, I choose “WebWacko” as the name for this website. Means just “Web” and Wacko means “a crazy person”

Focus on short, meaningful and awesome domain names!

I wrote an article on the blog regarding the things we need to take into consideration while registering a domain name. Please have a look.

If you want to rank for a particular keyword, just focus on these basic things:

  1. Focus on a particular niche for the whole website.
  2. Content. Write and publish high quality content pages.
  3. Do internal link building (This is one of the most effective way to increase the DA and PA).
  4. Then “earn backlinks”. Don’t create spammy backlinks! You can do guest blogging for earning some high quality backlinks!

Hope this helps :slight_smile: