How to create social media poster without photoshop skill


Hi, Iam looking for best online tools for making social media posters. Actually iam, not an expert designer. When I plan to post in social media I always approaching to the designer that’s taking too much time :frowning_face:


Hello Reshma, I will suggest some online tools from my favorite. You never need a skill in Photoshop and other editing software. Check these tools Canva and Adobe spark. You can use free versions, I think that’s enough for general purpose. Am sure you will never take a help from the designer for making posters


Hey @Kiran!

Thank you for sharing information about Adobe Spark. I was unaware about that! I’m using Canva Pro for all of my designing works.

Let me try Adobe Spark too :wink:


Adobe spark looks very easy to use! :hushed::hushed::hushed::hushed::hushed:


Canva is more flexible to use. We use canva for our social media promotions👌🏻


I’m also using Adobe Spark. It’s very easy to use and they got many free templates to use.