How to remove indexed pages from Google?


Hi, I am a new one in SEO industry. I would like to know How to remove an indexed page from google and How long does it take?


Hello Siddharth, There are some options available to remove the page from Google result. By using Google search console and NOINDEX meta tag.
By using Google search console you can follow these steps:
1: Submit your website to Google Webmaster (if you don’t have an account)
2: Go to the left side listed menus and select the "Remove URLs"
3: Create a new removal request and give the page link that you would like to remove. Click the Continue button
4: Then submit request and you can see the status pending

and in another method, you can give NOINDEX meta tag to the particular page. By adding this tag to the web page Google doesn’t show in the result. It’s very simple to implement just paste this code < META NAME=“robots” CONTENT=“noindex” > in < head > section of your webpage. For both process probably it will take time. If you want to check the status after some days, type in Google search box "site:your domain"


Hi Siddharth,

You Still getting 404 errors, Above mentioned steps are very useful to remove webpage from Google search results.

Currently listing page will be removed from Google after a definite time but nothing is guaranteed.

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Hi Abhilash, What about the sitemap.xml in Google search console? After all can i resubmit in webmaster?


Thanks Kiran, I will definitely follow these steps


Hey Siddharth,

That will be better, and you can also use “Fetch as Google” and Request for indexing your homepage and all associated links.

Hope this helps!