Spam link removal from indexed pages


Am Reshma, Working in a Digital marketing firm. Facing some issues regarding website indexing. Even though the filters are added in analytics, the website is getting spam links…is there any other option to remove these spam links other than Filters


Hi @reshma,

Can you be more specific? Did you mean filtering spam traffic in Google Analytics?



yes…exactly…While searching for site indexing could see some links with anonymous languages say Japanese, Korean likewise…Please let me know how to remove this toxic links…


Hi, Reshma, I think that’s a “Japanese keyword hack”. That means instead of your Title and Description Japanese words are shown in the search engine. When you are clicking that page it may be redirected to some kind of fake online shopping site or 404 error page. Am I right? If this is your issue, here Google is giving the best solution for resolving this how to identify and how to fix this… please go through the link.

For WordPress websites, you can use some security plugin like Wordfence

Japanese keyword hack example


ok…thanks kiran…will checkk and update you the status…


Thanks kiran issue solved :slightly_smiling_face: