Top Free SEO Audit Tools for better Website Analysis


Can you suggest some top free website review tool for SEO?


Hi Richa,
In online there are many Audit tools can available but we have to choose the best one so I will recommend
Screaming Frog SEO software tool

Screaming Frog SEO software tool :
The screaming frog seo software is a desktop application can available in various operating systems. This tool is a website crawler that will allow you to crawl website URLs and it will analyze the website in an onsite perspective, which will include all technical aspect of a website. ie, meta robots, broken links, server errors every thing can view in a single window. For free software up to 500 URLs can analyze. I think this is enough for a normal project.
Screenshot of Screaming Frog software :

SEOptimer will analyze all aspects of a website and also provide recommendations to improve in SEO, UI/Mobile, Minification of JS and CSS files etc.
Check the screenshot


Hello Richa,
I will suggest Varvy SEO Audit Tool and am a frequent user. This tool can also consider for website analysis. The main aim of varvy tool is whether the website followed the Google guidelines or not and if you are a beginner in SEO those guidelines are explained in detail.


Thank you, Kiran and Nalini for your valuable information. Definitely, I will use these tools for better website analysis :+1: