Which is the best password manager for personal use?


Dear all!

I’m very much confunsed in finilizing a best password manager for my personal use.

Can anyone help me to find the best which is very secure and easy to use.

I read many good reviews about LastPass and Dashlane. What’s your opinion about those?

  • Go for Lastpass
  • Go for Dashlane

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I’m using Dashlane since 4 years. Dashlane is the best. Go for it. No doubt…



Do you recommend dashlane as a password manager for Indians? Because it seems paid :roll_eyes:


Hello @SapnaPathak,

I have used both password managers, Lastpass for 5 years and Dashlane for 7 months.

So, just 7 months ago only I migrated from Lastpass to Dashlane.

Since I used both, I can say both password mangers have their own pros and cons. Lastpass is free and easy to use. But, Dashlane is little bit complex, but security and features are far better than Lastpass. My suggestion to you is to try both. If you try both, you can easily make a right decision.

But my vote is for Dashlane :metal:

Hope this helps :v:


Hello @Akhil

Thanks for the detailed reply.

I think it is better to try both. But, What should I try first ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Try LastPass first! It’s free by the way!


Already installed on Google Chrome! Looks great.


That’s great! Let me know if you need any help :slight_smile:


Dashlane is the best, trusted and the most secured password manager that you can get :+1:t2:


Go for Dashlane. Eventhough it is premium, you can get free subscriptions by referring your friends to try Dashlane :wink:


Iam using the “Last Pass” for 1 and half years. After the detailed explanation of “Dashlane” from Akhil, I would like to use that too. Thanks, @Akhil